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How construction costs have been impacted in the most recent years?

Being in the construction business for so long. It is incredible all the factors that play a roll in the fast rise of construction costs in recent years. In the last 3-4 years Labor and materials costs have risen approximately 20% annually. This means that in this lapse of time to present we have experienced a cost increase of about 60% It is bad enough the increase in labor and materials. To this trend we need to add the additional expenses of higher costs of Liability & Workmen's Compensation Insurance. The worse within this categories being Worker's Compensation Insurance, typically just about every quarter they have increases for higher premiums within each and every construction industry trade. It does not matter that we have never had any reason to file any claims against the insurance carriers, we are charged rates across the board.
Architectural & Structural design have their own share in higher construction costs. Particularly Structural design, most often than not all projects are not only designed to follow the strict California Building Codes, but most Structural Engineers tend to over design ("Just to be safe") adding a tremendous costs over runs to the already costly construction projects.
Last but not least, the Cities, Towns, Counties Building Departments have their own agenda in contributing to this higher costs. Plan Check & Building permit fees are pretty high already and constantly being increased with total disregards to the home owner/tax payer financial burden.
This agencies at the same time, think nothing even after the Building Permit have been issued.
to add additional Building Codes compliance, this often happens at addendum submittal to the Building Permit for changes to original plans.
This higher costs have a tremendous negative impact. Forces the home owner to find & hire unlicensed and uninsured individuals to do their work. This is a very high risk the consumers are willing to take and it is not the best or right approach.
Unfortunately, I see no end in sight to this trend , all we can expect are future higher costs

Does Project Location, Impacts Estimate Price?

This is not an unusual question from consumers. Thinking that the location of their project will affect our estimate pricing.
Perhaps to some others; this will be items to consider?
I always tell and reassure our future clients:
Our estimating method has never or will ever be determined by:
1) Geographical Location.
2) Professional and or financial status.
3) Ethnicity.
i.e. The job will cost the same, regardless of the above!
Our method is based solely, on the project own merit!
e.g. Estimate considering all components, materials and labor costs,
site accessibility for materials and equipment, etc., etc.

Occupied Home, Remodeling Costs to Consider!

To keep remodeling costs contained to remodeling only:
Having a major remodeling project done; the most reliable to keep cost down is to vacate the premises and render the areas clear giving us free reign of movement in to which accomplish our work.
Sometimes due to owner's decision not to move and or empty the work areas. Will results in higher remodeling costs, why? Simply due to major factors impacting our labor costs.
1) Occupied home and totally furnished.
2) Artwork on walls.
3) Sculptures, Statues, Vases, Area Rugs.
4) Pianos and or Antiques.
5) Household Furnishings.
Lacking the expertise and equipment to move, relocate, protect and store all of the above and the some!
Our work becomes very laborious, time consuming and very stressful.
Should any item gets damaged or broken; would need to be replaced, sometimes being irreplaceable in the case of antiquities.
This of course, increases our labor costs and needs to be incorporated into our estimate. This makes the estimate to rise sometimes astronomically, making us lose the job and only given us the opportunity to exercise our estimating skills.
Undoubtedly, the owners will always be able to find someone, willing to take on the job risking the consequences, due to lack of knowledge or experience.
To keep costs down, either hire a moving company, to move, relocate and or store all the items, or move them yourself!
And, Remember! consider carefully, whom you are willing to entrust your project to?


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